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Most new users of kratom are eager to experience the full potential of this organic product. Some end up consuming high dosages while others mix different strains for more benefits. Unfortunately, the results are not what they expect. They experience the adverse effects of the product and a few hours later, they complain of kratom hangover or kratom sickness.

Most users, who complain about this side effect, are all over online platforms including Reddit looking for recommendations of the best kratom hangover cure. Some ask kratom experts to guide them on the best kratom for hangover.

However, the best way to avoid kratom sickness is by taking a small dose of the product and avoiding mixing kratom with other stimulatory substances. In this article, we have detailed all the essential details on how to avoid a kratom hangover. First, it is essential to understand what is kratom sickness or hangover.


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Kratom Hangover or Kratom Sickness

Kratom hangover is a very uncomfortable condition. The body reacts strangely after consuming a huge dose of kratom (greater than your typical dose). When you consume your favorite strain in large amounts, it causes negative symptoms such as nausea, a spinning head, low energy levels, and weariness.

These symptoms usually develop a few hours after taking a higher dose of kratom. Some users also report a kratom hangover after mixing different strains or taking the product with other stimulatory substances such as alcohol.

In addition, most new users report a kratom hangover especially when they consume the product in moderate doses. This is because a beginner has no notion what dosage of kratom they require to achieve their desires.

Since you are introducing a new product to your body and you are not aware of how it may react, it is vital, to begin with, the smallest dosage to find your sweet spot. With a small dose of kratom, you will enjoy various effects of the product without worrying about its aftermath.

Kratom hangover can also happen if you source your dose from an unreliable vendor. It is vital to note that not all kratom vendors …….


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